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Balance ItŪ Feline Supplement

The Balance ItŪ System - Every day 2.5 million pets are served home-cooked food in the US. Unfortunately almost all of these pets are fed a diet deficient in numerous essential nutrients. Typical recipe's are created by individuals with the best of intentions but that lack the knowledge and training to create nutritionally sound diets. The Balance ItŪ System, developed by board certified veterinary nutritionists, represents a revolutionary solution to feeding fresh food to dogs and cats.

Our patent pending all-in-one supplements for dogs and cats contain concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed specifically for the preparation of homemade pet food.

Unlike most supplements, Balance ItŪ Canine and Feline come in a powdered form that mixes well with fresh food which is easy to use for pets of varying weights. Even though our supplements only contain essential nutrients plus a small amount of powdered cellulose, pets are attracted to the smell and taste.

Supplement Characteristics:

Balance ItŪ Feline is an all-in-one multivitamin, multimineral and amino acid supplement formulated to meet the special dietary needs of cats on homemade diets. Key characteristics include:

  • Only one non-nutritive ingredient - powdered cellulose

  • No protein sources added

  • Most common limiting essential amino acid added

  • Designed to work with 1,000's of different recipes

Supplement Usage and Administration:

Balance ItŪ supplements come in powder form to enable a wide weight range of cats to be supplemented with the same product. Powder is also more easily mixed with the other ingredients in most homemade recipes.

Because there can be a large variation in nutrient levels for seemingly similar foods, the amount of supplement that needs to be added to a homemade recipe can be quite variable even for the same size cat. Therefore, the amount of Balance ItŪ Feline that needs to be added to a specific recipe must be determined using commercially available software online at

To Order:

Because they no longer drop ship their product, we no longer sell Balance It directly through our website. To order, you will need to call: 1-888-346-6362 or visit their website:

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