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Biokleen Natural, Non toxic Dishwasher Soap Fragrance Free

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with Natural Oxygen Bleach:
Our Free & Clear Automatic Dish Powder is fragrance free, and like all Biokleen products is clear of dyes and brighteners. Gets off tough baked-on-food and grease, while natural oxygen bleach helps remove stains. Dishes come out spotless and free of chemical taste and residue.

3x More Concentrated
Free of fragrance and clear of dyes
Removes tough stains, including coffee and tea
Safe for high-efficiency dishwashers

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Biokleen products:

Rapidly biodegradable-some products biodegrade within 24 hours.

Free of dangerous compounds such as chlorine, phosphorus, glycol ether, linear alcohol from crude oil, butyl, caustics, borine, nonyl phenol, MEA, EDTA or TEA, phenols, quaternaries, silicone, artificial fragrance or coloring, optical brighteners, known carcinogens or other undesirable compounds.

Highly concentrated making it more economical to use.

Tested in a variety of residential and commercial settings, and plants, but never on animals; Contains No Animal Ingredients.

Made in the USA.

Gentle on skin

Give off no harsh fumes

Excellent cleaning results!

Please allow up to 10 business days for shipping.

Sold by the case




2 lb ea.
Case of 12



50 lb. Box




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